I Can’t Escape Running (or Talking About It)

“You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my love. — Enrique Iglesias

Something strange happened yesterday… I mean, I know I’m the Kikay Runner, but aside from all three of you readers, the general public doesn’t know it either. So why I just couldn’t escape talking about running yesterday was very entertaining. Let me start from the beginning…

I got two of my friends, Bianca and Jenny, to start running at Bonifacio High Street. They’ve both been feeling unfit and fat, so to start them off slow we ran/walked around BHS three times. (I was there earlier and got some running done ahead of their workout.) So of course while we were running, we of course talked about running: the plan for the evening’s run, how often we were going to do this, some rewards after completing a month or two of running, etc.

Bianca and I had a friend’s birthday party to attend at Manor in Eastwood. I drove us first to her house so we could freshen up. When Bianca’s mom opened the door and saw me, she told me, “I just opened my Facebook account and read all about your running.”

When Bianca and I got to Manor, we met some new friends. One of them in particular opened the topic of running out of nowhere. “So, do you run? What’s the longest distance you’ve run?”

Anyway, Bianca and I snuck off to meet another friend who was DJ-ing in Manor that night. He asked us where we’d come from and when Bianca said I’d given her and Jenny a running clinic, his face lit up and he asked whether we were running Century and what distance. Turns out, he runs 6km every day before he steps behind his turntable.

Right before we left, Bianca and I ran into Mr. F, who was very surprised to see me out clubbing. Hey, a Kikay Runner’s got to kick back sometimes — and apparently other runners did the same thing yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, I love talking about running. It’s just that somehow, yesterday, running was running after me. Ü

A Tribute to My Running Buddies

I figure I should tell you more about the people I run with, since they will probably figure heavily in my posts. I’ve also gotten tired of referring to them in general terms — “my friend/s” grates after a while.

Joel, Lalah, and the SAR (Samahan ng mga Adik sa Running)

These are my friends from church who love signing up for races, which is great since I almost always have people to eat breakfast with afterwards.

Fit n Right Run: my running buddies

I remember how Joel started out; he started training for triathlons and began running regularly six months before I did. At Globe Run for Home, he did the 15K and when he found out I’d done the 10K, he began including me when planning to run races. And now, we’re supposedly both in training to complete a marathon by this year’s end.

Lalah became instrumental in some of the last races I joined last year (in fact I wrote about how she managed to convince me to join PIM 10K). I love her for her enthusiasm and how she sees running not as a competition, but as a group activity for all to enjoy. I lent her my Globe singlet when she ran Race for Life 2009, and just recently she helped me buy a pair of Speedo Multisport demi tights when she saw they were on sale. (Review to follow, promise!)

Takbo.ph members

I’ve been a forum member on Takbo.ph since the Globe run, but the first time I laid eyes on anyone from the forums was during the GMA7 run. I came across them taking the customary “class picture” at the finish line. Actually, it was Doc Marvin who came up to me and introduced himself (“nuttybunny” from the forum, he said), and I was quickly folded into the group photo.

Tatakbo Ka Ba: Takbo.ph Class Pic

Since then I’ve been in a few class pictures, but I always left too early to meet other Takbo.ph members. That’s a shame, because there’s so much to learn from these seasoned and veteran runners. I plan to rectify that this year.

Mr. F

He used to bandit at the races, but ever since he started running with me he’s had to clean up his act. *wink* Haha. The Kikay Runner loves being legit, and will never bandit.

After he witnessed me as damsel-in-distress at the Ateneo Run, I’m surprised we’re running several Sundays in a row beginning this week. He sets a pretty mean pace and I think by just trying to keep up with him at the Celebrity Run I was able to run a sub-50 minute 10K.

These are the people who’ve been with me so far. Who have you met that’s made a difference in your running journey?

Mailbag Monday (01/25/10)

If you’ll notice, there’s a link on the right sidebar that leads you to my Formspring page, where you can ask me questions you might have about running, myself, and anything else you can come up with. Mailbag Monday is when I publish here on KIKAYRUNNER the most interesting Q&A’s people have sent in.

So, without further ado, here’s this week’s mailbag. Many thanks to those who sent these in!

  • Hello congrats on your new site!!! Good nobody thought of using that domain yet… very nice! Hey do your ankles feel sore after running? Mine get sore even after a lot of walking, and from waking up. Right side only. Do you use any kind of ankle support? Tnx!

    Hello, thanks! I’m amazed nobody else thought of Kikay Runner — it’s mine now, haha!

    My ankles used to get sore after running, but that was before I changed my shoes. Apparently I wasn’t getting enough support for my weak ankles (I’ve sprained both of them in the past). My shoes are the Nike Air Span + 6, and the support in the shoe is enough to control my right ankle’s slight collapse inwards when I walk.

  • Meron ba parang ‘ankle band’ sort of something you wear to support it? OK naman mga walking shoes ko. At home, i have two [pairs of] slippers. Pag suot ko yun Islander my ankle gets sore, probably because it’s flat. But if i wear the cushy duralite, no problem. Hehe. Weird.

    I know there are neoprene and Velcro ankle supports you can buy from sports stores like Toby’s. :) Now, I am not a podiatrist or orthopedic doctor so I can’t really tell you why your ankle hurts with one kind of footwear and not the other. Some studies and books say that modern footwear with all its arch support and closed toes have actually weakened our feet. Your flat Islanders force the small muscles in your feet to work, and since your feet aren’t strong enough (yet), that’s probably why your ankle gets sore. Consult an orthopedist or a podiatrist if the soreness really bothers you to the point of immobility — or just toss the Islanders. :)

  • Any take away ideas and thoughts from “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall? :)
    1. I don’t believe in evolution, but I do agree with the book that humans were built for running. I think God created us that way. :)
    2. Bare feet are not bad at all! But nobody should run shoeless on gravel, LOL.
    3. We’d all consider ourselves born runners if we were allowed to run in our childhood. If it’s unsafe to let your kids run outdoors on the streets, find them an activity to help them get off their butts, away from their PSPs, and stretch their legs and use their bodies.

(Questions may have been edited for formatting, clarity, and conciseness. Q&A’s in full are viewable on my Formspring page.)

My Usual Running Outfit

I claim to be kikay when it comes to what I look like on race day, but I’ll be the first to admit that the original Kikay Runner is none other than Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes.

NB Power Run: oh, Tessa!
You gotta love her.

My clothing style is functional with less frills, but that doesn’t mean I pay any less attention to my appearance.

So, as Kara requested, I’m writing about what I wear on runs, from head to foot. Ü

Kikay Runner's outfit


I have never run a race without wearing a cap. It keeps my hair from falling into my eyes, wicks away sweat from my forehead, and keeps my head protected from the elements whether it be sunshine or rain drops.

I have two caps from Penshoppe that I alternate. They’re washable so I toss them into the laundry, just to avoid salt build-up from the sweat. (As Kikay Runner, I try not to stink up my clothes when I run. I bathe before my runs so I smell fresh, and hit the showers as soon as possible after. *wink*)

Nike sport sunglasses

These are a hand-me-down from my mom, who’s graduated to Ray-Ban wayfarers. I started wearing these on my runs when I realized my eyelids couldn’t quite keep up with the dirt or flying insects that fly into my eyes. Ouch! These glasses are also handy in cutting glare from sunlight, so I can keep my eyes open even while running with the sunrise in front of me.

Race for Life singlet

I bought this singlet before the Race for Life last October (the kit provided only a finisher’s shirt). Although it’s a bit short for a singlet, its zip-up neckline helps keep me cool, while the zippered pocket in the back allows me to take on my runs vital items like my car key, an ID, and cash.

I kind of consider this singlet my luckiest one because I got a podium finish and broke my 10K PR twice while wearing it.

Fuel Belt hydration belt

I don’t take this belt with me during a race itself because I rely on water stations along the way. However, since I bought these last December (Christmas present for myself), I’ve never had to return to my car for a drink of water in the middle of a training run. I can run longer and farther without taking a break now, which really helps in building up my stamina, mileage, and mental toughness.

Nike Women cropped tights

I bought these tights with my prize gift certificates from Race For Life, and they have been a Godsend. Ample support for upper leg muscles, mesh vents wherever needed to keep me cool, and a zippered back pocket make these the only bottom I wear for races.

Nike Air Span +6

When I realized I needed to buy a running-specific shoe, this was what I ended up with. Funny thing is, now that they’ve covered more than 100 kilometers, they feel much better than when they were brand-new.

I don’t use the Nike Plus functionality that comes with them (because I don’t have the chip and the band), so most probably when I buy a new pair I’ll go for something more simple.

This is my usual outfit for now. As the running year begins for me and I find other stuff to wear, some of my favorites will probably change.

How about you? What do you usually wear on runs?


Hello, my name is Noelle De Guzman, and I am the KIKAYRUNNER.

OK, wait. What does that mean, exactly? Well, for me it means being a female recreational runner who, aside from being interested in all that sports science has to offer when it comes to helping me run faster, also likes looking good while doing so. *wink*

The story behind this: I got into running in July 2009, and pretty soon my friends and I were joining races and I was buying new gear. I’ve been blogging since 2001 and I’ve always been in the habit of writing about things I’ve done or discovered, so my personal blog In My Pocket was soon overrun by running-related posts.

This year, my friend Joel proposed that we work towards doing a marathon by the end of the year. Now I, being the reckless KIKAYRUNNER I am, decided to take the plunge and thought keeping a running-specific blog would help keep me motivated. I also acquired a Garmin Forerunner 305 and called him Kiko.

I aim to run my first marathon on July 4, which is the Milo national eliminations — and also my birthday. I’m excited, but also scared. One thing’s for sure: I want to look damn good while doing this. Ü

I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with me through my Contact KIKAYRUNNER page, or Facebook page. Please also check out my website and hosting profile.

All’s Well That Ends Well

After the brouhaha at the Big Blue Run where my bag was stolen (and later recovered, minus some items), someone from Ateneo contacted me and offered to replace the Havaianas flipflops that had been taken. I took her up on that offer, but since Ateneo closes for the Christmas and New Year holidays, I had to wait.

Yesterday, I picked up my replacement pair from the Blue Eagle Gym. They’re not the model I lost… They’re so much better! These Havaianas are from the current season line-up, so I’m glad they didn’t buy something from the bargain bin. I also received another BBR finisher shirt, even if I didn’t ask for one.

Big Blue Run Swag Bag
above and beyond a replacement

In a few weeks’ time I’ll also receive a new singlet to replace the one that was taken from my bag. Thank you to the Ateneo University Athletics Office. Now if you guys can release the results of the Big Blue Run, it’d be perfect!

When I lost my bag, I knew that in one way or another God would give me everything back, or something much better. Ü

UPDATE (01/18/2010): I was rummaging through my empty paper bags today and found a Silverworks Big Blue Run pendant in the bag that had contained the Havaianas. I hadn’t been able to grab one of these limited-edition pendants after the Big Blue Run because I thought they’d run out of them. It was really a nice surprise after I thought it had all come to a close. Ü

(18/365) Big Blue Surprise
Big Blue Surprise

UPDATE (01/20/2010): Isn’t this race the gift that keeps on giving? The results were released, and even though the women’s field was small, here’s how I fared:

Big Blue Run results
Top 10, baby!